Amira Z
2004 Straight Egyptian Mare

Thee Infidel x Finolas Dream
Hadbah Enzihiyah in Strain

“Amira” is a classic combination of some of the most revered and proven bloodlines in the world. Thee Infidel, with numerous Class A, US Egyptian Event and Regional titles plus two US National Top-Ten Championships to his credit and of course his sire, Thee Desperado (1989 ~ 2013) a legendary stallion who will go down in history as being one of the most influential sires of his time. Amira Z’s grand dam, Ramses Madina, brings to her pedigree the sought after, old Egyptian Blood of ~ *Ramses Fayek and Galal! *Ramses Fayek was bred by the EAO and born in Egypt in 1958. He was imported into the US in 1970 and became one of the most important sires of his time; especially sought-after were *Ramses Fayek daughters. His female progeny have had a profound impact on the breed. Galal, too, was bred by the EAO and born in Egypt but was never imported to the US.  His impact on the breed cannot be overstated, in fact, had Galal not existed, Thee Desperado would not exist since Bahila, Thee Desperados’ grandmother, is Galal’s great-great grand daughter! The very essence of Amira Z’s pedigree combined with her beauty, size, spirit and conformation make her a rare treasure indeed. To fully appreciate Amira Z’s quality you must be in her presence.

Plan a visit soon to see her for yourself and learn more about the history of the Egyptian Arabian horse and what makes them so special to us.


Amira Z