Bella Donnah
2007  Straight Egyptian Mare

Homozygous Black
x Thee Phoenix
A Dahmah Shahwaniyah in Strain


An elegant strikingly beautiful mare quickly proving her ability to Share the attributes found in her pedigree with her progeny. One does not often find a mare of her quality….that is also homozygous black! Tracing in her tail female line to El Dahma (APS) thru *Deenaa she passes every test.   When considering a horse for purchase or breeding you want the horse to “Look” like their pedigree. With her Large Dark eyes, Animated movement, High tail carriage, and Long shapely neck her quality is easy to access. Her two foals both “fillies” are lovely representatives as well. Bella Donnah’s sire Alixir an Egyptian Event Champion himself brings to her the well-known blood of Hungary’s historic Balbona Stud. A family known for producing athleticism and smooth bodies. Her pedigree is well blended and quite impressive.

Bella Donnah’s Accomplishments:

2010 Egyptian Event Top Five, World Class Mares~3 Years Old

2010 Egyptian Event Top Five, Extended Specialty Straight Egyptian Mares 3 Years Old

2009 Egyptian Event Top Ten, World Class Fillies, 2 Years Old

Ali Pasha Arabians feels blessed to share their lives with this exquisite mare. We are anticipating many lovely foals in our future together.



Bella Donnah