It has been a dream of ours since the first time we saw the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse, to eventually have a farm where we could breed these majestic horses.  A breed with such legendary history, exclusivity, beauty, and extreme rarity needed to endure in its unadulterated state and knowing that we own pieces of history dating back as far as the Pharoahs of Egypt is sometimes overwhelming. Seeing one of our horses in the pasture, walking out to join her and just sitting down next to her and appreciating the bond that develops is a near religious experience for both of us.

It is our duty, and pleasure, as breeders, to keep the focus on the historic bloodlines and characteristics of the classic Egyptian Arabian Horse. In the best interest of preserving the Straight Egyptian, we believe that breeding to only the most noted stallions in the country produces the highest quality foals. We intend to remain a small breeding farm producing only two or three foals per year. Our mares all have impeccable pedigrees.

Bella Donnah
Amira Z
Malibu AP

Nordic Mishaala
Karimah AP
Ammourah AP